Focusing on Disability in New Jersey and Beyond

Lens15 Media  makes accessible, multi media journalism for an about people with disabilities. We identify the disability angle in every news story and help other real and virtual spaces become  more accessible. 

Recent stories & projects from Lens15 Media

Flooding in NJ Raises Risks

a black woman with greying hair
Summer floods pose greater threats to NJ's disabled
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A more accessible way to food shop

a man holds a smartphone at eye level inside a supermarket
Barriers inside supermarkets make it hard for people with a visual disability to put food on the table
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a woman in a wheelchair faces the ocean along the beach
Ten years after the storm, advocates say people with a disability are still vulnerable
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When it rains, it pours, in the Ironbound

trash litters the bank of an urban, winding river.
Newark's toxic legacy raises risks for people with a disability
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Does NJ have a "Disabled Community?"

a dark skinned woman uses a power wheelchair while ascending a wooden ramp outside an apartment building
Not all people with a disability feel they belong to a single group.
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Illustrations of magnifiers surround the words Lens 15 media
A new reports shows the 15 in Lens15 is already out of date
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