Focusing on Disability

A woman in a wheelchair sits in front of a man holding a microphone and a woman standing behind a camera atop a tripod. They are adjacent to a gazebo in a beachfront park.
Lens15 Media  makes accessible, multi media journalism for an about people with disabilities. We identify the disability angle in every news story and help other real and virtual spaces become  more accessible. 

Recent stories & projects from Lens15 Media

Invisible Impact; Maldives

A woman wearing a blue hijab sits next to another woman in a black floral print shirt.
Behind-the-scenes in the Maldives.
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Maldives Above the Surface

A woman sitting in a manual wheelchair looks out toward a harbor.
Is accessibility part of the Maldives' climate change adaptation planning?
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Invisible Impact; Sri Lanka

In a garden, a man faces, a woman, whose left arm does not extend beyond her elbow length sleeve
Behind the scenes in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Cope with Climate Change

A woman without a left arm, holds a child with her right arm. Another young child stands in front of her.
After years of war, Sri Lanka faces more disasters.
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Invisible Impact; Odisha

A light skin man sits on the floor facing other men seated on the floor
Behind-the-scenes in eastern India.
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When Disasters Strike Odisha

An elderly man is pushed in a wheelchair
Accessibility doesn't stop during evacuations.
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