Focusing on Disability in New Jersey and Beyond

Lens15 Media  makes accessible, multi media journalism for an about people with disabilities. We identify the disability angle in every news story and help other real and virtual spaces become  more accessible. 

Recent stories & projects from Lens15 Media

Was Hurricane Sandy A Turning Point?

A woman in a wheelchair sits in front of a man holding a microphone and a woman standing behind a camera atop a tripod. They are adjacent to a gazebo in a beachfront park.
On the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Lens15 speaks with a survivor of the storm.
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How can NJ teachers keep disabled students safe?

a blurry image of bookshelves and a desk
To protect students with disabilities, NJ teachers require a new skillset,
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How safe are NJ's schools for students with disabilities?

a room filled with rows of empty school desks
Educators lack guidance on how to safely evacuate or shelter students with disabilities during an emergency.
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For some in NJ's disabled community, food pantries are a lifeline.

Shelves are stocked with packaged food items
A food pantry in Edison provides meals to people with disabilities as grocery prices rise.
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New Jersey’s Disabled Community Feels Inflation the Most

Packaged vegetables and fruit on display inside a supermarket produce section
High grocery prices are making it even more challenging for people with disabilities to put food on the table
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Do talking traffic signals make New Jersey's streets more accessible?

Add an urban intersection, pink truncated domes outline a sidewalk that slopes into the street. On the opposite side of the road, a man stands in front of bright white pedestrian stripes
Not all visually impaired people need to hear traffic signals, an NJ mobility trainer says
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